Howdy y'all.

As we wrote earlier, the next 'Bryggkväll' is Saturday 24 February. We start at 16.00 and the brewing is complete by around 21.00(depending on the recipe). By around 19.00 you will have seen pretty much everything about each stage of the brewing process so there is no need to stay untill 21.00 or 22.00, unless you want to help out with the cleaning.

The beer we brew on the night takes about 3-4 weeks to ferment and condition so generally will be on tap 1 month after the Bryggkväll. 

Cost is 375kr and includes a 'Beer Flight' (5 x 15cl beers), one of our burgers and we brew a 'clone' beer that was voted on at the previous 'Bryggkväll'. 

The beer flight is set up as a blind tasting, you guys give each beer a rating from 1-5 with 5 being the best. The beer with the highest rating at the end of the night is the beer we will try to 'clone' at the following 'Bryggkväll'

Next event will be March 17